Overwhelmed by the Complexity of Online Business? This May Help

image of Keep Calm and Carry On signKnow one of the most common issues we see from each year’s new crop of Teaching Sells students?

“I’m worried because …”

“I’m getting a little freaked out because …”

“I feel like everyone has already beaten me to the finish line …”

“When I look around, I feel overwhelmed and behind …”

“Everyone else seems to have it figured out and I feel kind of lost …”

Chris Garrett and I teach a series of group coaching sessions when we bring in new Teaching Sells students. It’s our job to get our folks out of that overwhelmed state, and moving forward. And as each new group gets settled in and starts to approach the material, we hear a lot of versions on this theme …

“I’m scared.”

Well here’s the good news.

If you aren’t at least a little freaked out about your business (whether it’s a thriving concern or something you’re just getting off the ground), you may not be paying enough attention.

It’s ok to be nervous, worried, anxious, or just … confused…Continue Reading

Source: Copyblogger